In the midst of being taken over by Fiat ("alliance" sounds too egalitarian) and filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last week, Chrysler LLC fears that potential shoppers might forget that it's still in the business of selling cars and trucks. This sounds like a job for the Marketing Dept.! The automaker's message makers ran the ad you see here (click to enlarge) in "dozens of major newspapers across the country" over the weekend as part of its new "We Build" ad campaign. The tagline "We're Building a New Car Company" is accompanied by the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chrysler 200C Concept and Dodge Circuit EV Concept. The copy below the vehicles tries to explain in flattering terms without using the word "bankruptcy" that Chrysler's got some things cooking, its "alliance" with Fiat and the technology sharing that will result being the biggest carrot.
A couple things struck as odd, though. For one, only one vehicle shown is an actual production vehicle, the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, the other two being concepts, though the Dodge Circuit EV is in development (we've actually driven it). Two, when are marketing departments going to get that advertising in newspapers is not the best way to reach the most people with your message anymore? Honestly, had it not been for this post on Chrysler's employee communications blog, The Scoop, we would have never known because we don't read newspapers anymore unless they're offered on a Kindle. Chrysler says the ad campaign will continue in print, TV and radio later this week and highlight specific products, but still no web penetration. Save a tree people, go digital.

[Source: The Scoop]

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