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To a lot of people, the only vehicle that's keeping GM - or at least the spirit of GM - alive as the company falters is the Chevy Volt. Washington Post columnist Charles Lane is not one of them. The Volt is designed to give 80 percent of Americans a car that, while it costs more than a similar, non-electric model, offers a chance to dramatically reduce their gasoline consumption. To Lane, the car is a money pit. He writes:
GM wouldn't be in quite so deep a hole if it had not sunk a billion dollars, and much of its corporate reputation, into a not-very-realistic plug-in electric hybrid vehicle known as the Chevrolet Volt.
Lane also says he hopes that the Obama administration does not allow "a restructured GM to continue pouring (federal) money into the Volt. [...] The Volt and other electric vehicles could gobble up more subsidies than ethanol." Perhaps Lane and David Letterman should form a club.

[Source: WaPo]

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