Dave gets a charge out of the Tesla Model S

Elon Musk brought out the Tesla Model S for its big New York debut last night and David Letterman got a real "charge" out of it. Musk appeared on the Late Show and it was kind of strange to watch. Letterman had some kind of throat thing going on that left his voice sounding remarkably like Bob Lutz. In spite of that, Dave's trademark style left him showing little sympathy for any automakers when discussing why after more than 100 years no one has really developed the electric car.

Dave didn't spare any kind words for efforts to develop hydrogen fuel cell technology, but he really ripped into the Chevy Volt. Apparently the idea of being able to go a mere 40 miles on a charge is not appealing to the crankiest of all late night hosts and he didn't bother to mention the range extender. Thankfully, most of us don't all have 20-mile driveways to deal with. Check out the video after the jump for as long as it stays live on YouTube. BTW, Elon had nothing new to offer.

UPDATE: GM responds.

[Source: YouTube]

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