Wiesmann MF5 FIA GT Safety Car – Click above to view in high resolution

The 2009 FIA GT Championship kicked off this weekend at England's stoic Silverstone circuit, and with it a number of new racing machines – including competition versions of the Nissan GT-R, Audi R8 and Ford GT – started their bid for the crown. But at the front of the field was another beast entirely. While other racing series tend to go with more mainstream, albeit high-end vehicles to set the pace at their events – Corvettes at Indy, Bimmers at MotoGP, Mercedes AMGs at F1 grands prix and DTM – the FIA GT Championship has opted to go with something decidedly more obscure: the Wiesmann MF5.

The niche retro sportscar is made by small German exotic automaker Weismann, and is differentiated from the stock GT by the motivation of one of the most lauded engines in autodom: the high-revving V10 from the BMW M5 and M6. With over 500 horsepower under the hood, the MF5 hits 60 in less than four seconds, giving it the pace it needs to stay ahead of the field.

[Source: Wiesmann]

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