Automakers from Mercedes to Honda are eager to show off their hydrogen cars and plans for these vehicles in the future. We see it all the time here on AutoblogGreen (BTW, have you noticed our new "landing pages" for the various categories on the site? Try some: Hydrogen, Legislation and Policy and the Automotive X-Prize). How far ahead does the National Hydrogen Association need to look to find a time when hydrogen vehicles "dominate" the auto industry? Here's a hint: the NHA's latest report is titled: "Energy Evolution: An Analysis of Alternative Vehicles and Fuels to 2100" (download the full-report PDF or the synopsis PDF).
The report compares the 100-year future of over a dozen alternative fuel types. Hydrogen vehicles allow the U.S. to reach "petroleum quasi-independence by mid-century," the report says. The NHA also found that the hydrogen infrastructure "is more affordable than most people think." Whatever criticism people may levy against the NHA for this report, at the data comes from "existing peer-reviewed, credible transportation research." Get all the details here.

[Source: Renewable Energy World]

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