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Satirist news site will work with Elio as company prepares product launch.

Three-wheel automaker Elio partners with satirist the Onion on election-themed marketing campaign.

Currently, hydrogen is the most common element in the universe. But if Ford gets its way, we'll have to rethink our science texts in the coming decades. At least, according to The Onion we might.

A new report from The Onion details a new Department Of Transportation initiative to give reckless drivers their own space on highways, thus freeing them from the drudgery of actually driving. The new lanes will be of a special bowl design to keep cars on the right track while obviating the need for things like steering. Once the national highway system is fully upgraded with these lanes, that impatient meathead with the misaimed headlight won't have to ride your bumper in his pickup anymore. He

Whether it's the University of Minnesota losing biofuel research funding or the UK government asking for more information before moving forward, the critical report in Science has had quite an impact on the public's thinking about ethanol and biodiesel. Even if the distinction between cellulosic or algae biofuels and biofuel made from things like corn are not totally understood by everyone, a bad rap is settling in. The fake news reporters over at The Onion have found three people to give their

Try as they might, The Onion got the typical stonewall response from GM, Ford, and Toyota when pressing the automakers about their flying car programs. All these companies do is deny, deny, deny. Even when the Onion called them out, pointing to their secret labs where engineers fly around gleefully like Charlie Bucket and his grandfather all hopped up on hotrod soda, flat denial was the order of the day. We can expect these programs to be pushed further underground, now that their cover was near