What's the price of gas going to be in 2021? Specifically, what will the gamut of transportation fuels cost on March 16, 2021? WIRED recently published one of its artifacts from the future: a truck stop 12 years from now. As you can see in the imaginary scene, a full tank of hydrogen will cost a hundred bucks. Plugging in your EV will cost you $75 a kWh (but the first five minutes are courtesy of GM). Also on tap: methane from Oscar Meyer and Uncle Willie's Kind Green biodiesel. In fact, this refueling station offers so many types of fuel (13!) that they promise a free car wash if you can't fill up your rig. Check out the full image at WIRED. Yes, I know they posted this back in February, but some of us still read the paper version and have a slight backlog of unread magazines sitting around.
[Source: WIRED]

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