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Sewer-clogging fatbergs are disgusting, but they can be useful biofuel

Canadian researchers find a new way to transform these monstrosities

Canadian researchers say they've found a better way to transform these monstrosities.

Los Angeles
Toyota will use cow poop to power cars and homes

It will make its Port of Long Beach facility the first in North America to use 100 percent renewable power.

Toyota says the facility will make its Port of Long Beach logistics operation the first in North America to use 100 percent renewable power.

Portland to use sewage gas to shift away from diesel

Wastewater plant will turn methane into CNG fuel for use in converted city vehicles.

Making the most of decomposing sewage will reduce carbon emissions and earn revenue for the city.

California's methane leak has wiped out most EV benefits

With Methane's Potent Effect On The Atmosphere, Porter Rance Is A Bad Scene

The methane leak at Porter Ranch, CA is spewing so many greenhouse gases into the air that it's making the state's EV efforts seem pointless.

Methane becomes electricity becomes Toyota cars

Toyota will flip the switch on its methane generator at its Georgetown, KY, plant on November 23, and the gas will come from a nearby landfill. The system can generate one megawatt per hour, and it can expand in the future if necessary.

Surprising ways to fuel cars with poop

We hear about greenhouse gases all the time, but did you know that it's possible to run vehicles on the gas from cows and even humans?

Cleaner than cow farts, Elio 84-mpg trike hits 15,000 reservations

If you think the fact that Elio Motors has taken 15,000 reservations for its high-MPG three-wheeler is something to scoff at, well, consider the fact that Honda sold less than 21,000 of its hybrids, plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles combined last year. But, if you think that the company's claim that the trike is cleaner than a year's worth of farts from a cow? Well, go ahead and scoff.

Toyota turning landfill gas into hybrid vehicles, indirectly

Chamillionaire certainly wasn't referring to the Toyota Avalon or Camry when he rapped about "ridin' dirty" but maybe he'll change his tune soon. That's because some of the future energy sources for the Kentucky factory that makes those two models will come from gas created from the breakdown of solid waste. So the power behind some of the production at Danny King

Higher ethanol blends create health, safety risks, says Big Oil-funded study

In the simplest terms, when higher-ethanol blend fuels spill, they can make buildings go boom. And the study that says this was funded, in part, by Chevron and Shell as well as the American Petroleum Institute, while the report was generated by Rice University in Houston. All clear on the players? Good. Let's proceed.

In producing natural gas, excessive methane leaks offset environmental benefits

Utah, we have a problem. That's the conclusion of a report from the publication Nature saying that methane leaks from US natural gas fields may be anywhere from two to three times as large as previously estimated.

Audi building e-gas plant to make climate-friendly vehicle fuel

On December 13, Audi celebrated its synthetic methane (e-gas) vehicle fuel plant, which is under construction in Werlte, Germany. Audi says that it is the world's first industrial plant for generating e-gas from CO2 and renewable electricity. Its end product will be hydrogen and synthetic Audi e-g

Translogic drives a poo-powered car

Translogic has driven a lot of interesting vehicles over the past two years. Our sister site filmed some of the first seat time in a Chevrolet Volt, drove Local Motors' Rally Fi

In Detail: Bio-Bug

There are some crazy ideas out there on how to power a car. Everything from DIY steam and wood power to OEM-built hydrogen and Kyle Thibaut

Translogic drives a poo-powered car

Translogic has driven a lot of interesting vehicles over the past two years. Our sister site filmed some of the first seat time in a Chevrolet Volt, drove Local Motors' Rally Fi

Volvo Trucks start field tests of methane-diesel engines

Volvo trucks has announced new field tests of bi-fuel methane-diesel engines in partnership with seven different Swedish companies, adding a new technology to the brand's at-fuel tests with DME and hybrid engines. The new engines, which are based on the Xavier Navarro

Cattle industry has a beef with EPA over greenhouse gases

To the surprise of many, the vast majority of the automakers that sell their wares here in the United States welcomed the EPA's decision earlier in the year that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are damaging to the environment and should therefore be regulated. That has plenty to do with the desire for a single national fuel mileage standard. But transportation certainly i

Fiat likes compressed natural gas, now offering 6 different models

Will compressed natural gas soon be a widely used automotive fuel in the U.S.? Probably not, but it could become more common if Fiat's European moves are any indication. CNG is a popular alternative in some parts of Europe and several automakers, including Fiat, offer factory-equipped cars that run on methane. Fiat already offers CNG versions of the Grande Punto, Panda, Punto, as well as the Multipla and Doblò. The Punto and Panda are both expected to form the basis of new small cars for

It's Friday: a peek at the truck stop of the future

What's the price of gas going to be in 2021? Specifically, what will the gamut of transportation fuels cost on March 16, 2021? WIRED recently published one of its artifacts from the future: a truck stop 12 years from now. As you can see in the imaginary scene, a full tank of hydrogen will cost a hundred bucks. Plugging in your EV will cost you $75 a kWh (but the first five minutes are courtesy of GM). Also on tap:

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