Billboard War Redux: Audi shoots back, BMW turns away

Audi vs. BMW billboards – Click above for high-res image gallery

The billboard war taking place between Audi and BMW in Southern California has taken yet another turn today. After Audi called out its cross-country rival by saying "Your Move, BMW" on a billboard overlooking Santa Monica Blvd. advertising the new A4, BMW responded by renting its own billboard across the street that simply showed the M3 and "Checkmate." Audi then had some fun collecting photoshopped billboard responses from fans on its Facebook page before revealing its own retort. The new billboard, which reportedly went up today, shows the R8 supercar next to this proclamation: "Time to check your luxury badge. It may have expired."


While the R8 is a great weapon with which to defend yourself against an M3 attack, the battle cry beside it makes no sense to us whatsoever. If this were a Yo Mama competition, BMW would be chest bumping Wilmer Valderrama right now and Audi would be crawling back into its hoopty for the long ride home.

BMW did actually have a response for Audi. At some point the brand removed its M3 advertisement from across the street and didn't replace it. Audi is now battling with an ad for Barney's CO-OP... and losing.

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