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Autoblog reader Conor sent us this photo of Santa Monica Blvd. in Southern California where a billboard advertising the new Audi A4 has apparently been up for months. The ad throws down a gauntlet at the feet of BMW with an image of the new A4 and the statement, "Your move, BMW." Whether by design or by happenstance, the Munich-based brand recently made its move, hoisting up a billboard across the street that displays the high-performance M3 and the word "Checkmate." Ouch. We're sure Audi will have more to say when the RS4/5 arrives sometime in the near future, but for now, BMW appears to have the final word in this billboard chess match.

As you'll likely remember, these two brands are no strangers to duking it out with each other in advertisements, having gone toe-to-toe with each other and Subaru in late 2006 over which brand had the most prestigious "Of the Year" award. Thanks for the tip, Conor.

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