Reiter Engineering launches new Gallardo LP560 GT2

Reiter Engineering Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 GT2 - Click above for a hi-res gallery

Forget about the latest LP560-4 or the limited-production Superleggera that preceded it: what you're looking at here is the ultimate Gallardo. Only it's not made by Lamborghini. Unlike its arch-rivals in Maranello, Lamborghini doesn't make racing cars. For that, it turns over its supercars to Reiter Engineering, the German garage that fields renn-ready Raging Bulls in European sportscar championships, and has also turned out a few variants for the street, too. The firm has just released its latest effort, a competition spec Gallardo for the GT2 class in the European Le Mans Series.

Based on the Gallardo LP560-4, Reiter has done away with the all-wheel-drive and gone with rear-wheel traction only for its Racing Bull. To meet GT2 regulations, Reiter will have had to actually reduce the engine's output from the stock 560hp to below the 500hp mark, and possibly added some ballast to fine-tune the weight balance and meet the 1125kg minimum heft requirement for the series. Instead of starting the season in Barcelona with the rest of the field, Reiter has opted to perform some additional testing before hitting the track at Spa on May 10. You, however, can check out the images in the gallery below for a sneak peek.

[Source: Reiter Engineering]

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