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Those who have been praying for a two-wheel drive Lamborghini, your wishes may have been granted twofold. De Telegraaf is reporting that Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann has confirmed not one, but two different rear-drive-only Lambos for 2009. First up will be a Murciélago LP640-2 with 640 HP coming from its mid-mounted longitudinal V12. The "2" at the end of the moniker signifies two-wheel-drive, separating it from the current LP640-4 equipped with AWD. It's still possible this model will be dubbed SV for Super Veloce. It's no Diablo SVTT or Murcielago R-GT, but it'll do.

Next up will be the a new Superleggera Gallardo LP560-2, as in Superlight Gallardo, with a longitudinal 560 HP engine in back, also driving the rear wheels. That should keep the Gallardo neck-and-neck with the Scuderia from arch-nemesis Ferrari. The elimination of the AWD equipment should save quite a few kilos and make the driving experience a bit hairier for anyone intent on stepping up to wrestle these bulls. Expect to see them late next year, possibly as 2010 models.


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