Click above for a high-res gallery of the Reiter Engineering Murcielago R-GT

The benefits of motorsports usually have a way of trickling down to road cars, although in this particular case the connection is fairly direct. Reiter Engineering, the factory-backed motorsports company that competes in the FIA GT1 and GT3, recently unveiled a street legal version of its Murcielago R-GT racecar at the Essen Motor Show. The supercar features race-oriented modifications including a carbon fiber front spoiler and rear wing, OZ Racing wheels, and upgraded brakes and suspension components. Reiter also added a new rear fascia, and moved the exhaust system up towards the rear deck lid. Apparently the show car is a one-off, although word has it that it can be had for the right amount of money, and the individual components on the car are also available for purchase.


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