VIDEO: UK ad authority restricts "violent" VW ad after logging 1,000+ compliants

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Remember this Matrix-inspired VW ad that arrived just before the holidays last year? It seems the exaggerated fight scenes were too much for some viewers on the other side of the Pond. The British Advertising Standards Authority received more than 1,000 complaints about the staged violence, with UK residents reportedly fearing that it children may view the sequence and try to copy it.

Statistically, the ad is now the fifth most complained about UK commercial ever. That honor helped it earn a pre-9pm TV ban in the local markets. Volkswagen, obviously a bit frustrated by the ruling, points out that the action seen in the commercial was not "dissimilar to the levels of action seen in many family TV programs." The automaker went on to say the fighting in the ads was "metaphorical rather than real" and that the "exaggerated, cartoon-like sound effects and actions were designed to dispel the gravity of the fighting." Um, that's exactly what we were thinking.

In case you missed it, check out the video re-posted after the jump.

[Source: Guardian News UK]

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