Will a version of the new Buick Excelle be the next Voltec model?

The next-generation Buick Excelle has been spotted testing in the usual camouflage. The existing Excelle is only sold in China, but now that General Motors has decided that Buick will be one of its four core brands in the U.S. market, it seems likely that it could come over as part of an expanded lineup. The new Excelle is based on the same Delta II platform as other compacts - including the Opel Astra, Chevy Cruze and, of course, the Chevy Volt.
Since Buick is intended to be a more upmarket brand than Chevrolet, it seems plausible that GM could create a version of the Excelle using the Voltec (formerly E-Flex) powertrain that will propel the Volt. Most likely, GM will simply focus on the Volt and Opel/Vauxhall Ampera for a couple of years. An ER-EV version of the Excelle will likely have to wait until the second-generation Voltec system arrives. If GM does build a Voltec based Buick will they finally revive the Electra name for it?

[Source: Left Lane News]

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