Top Gear US's Project Sipster is a project of the Yankee version of the popular British TV show to make a 70 mpg car with a lot under the hood. The latest upgrades that the 1981 Rabbit donor car is suffering through are some pretty vital safety upgrades, including H&R suspension that is intended to mitigate the deformed Rabbit's body that suffered through at least one cash in its 28 years on the planet. Considering the car is airbag-free and lacks "any hint of structural integrity," Top Gear is also adding roll bars, improved brakes and braces. All of these additions make the boys (they admit they're not the manly men with the fortitude to drive this old car as is) feel safer, but they also add 40 pounds of stuff to the car. As we all know, weight is one enemy of efficiency, but at least now the car is safe at up to 60 mph. We agree that it's a fair trade.

[Source: Top Gear]

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