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Interested in a car that can get 70 miles per gallon and run from zero to sixty in under 7 seconds? Yeah, so are we. How much do you want to pay for it? Top Gear America thinks that $7K sounds just about right, and it wants Italian styling to boot. Impossible? Not so fast. The crew at TG, which is a separate entity from the British blokes that you see on the tube all the time, have set out on a project to create just such a beast. The bones of the project, known as Sipster for now, are based on a 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit, which was in fact styled by Italian design house Giugiaro. In place of the original miserly yet underpowered diesel engine will go a fully modern oil-burning TDI from VW. After the powerplant is in place, UCLA aerodynamics professor John McNulty will take a crack at making the upright Rabbit a bit more slippery. Should be fun to keep tabs on.

[Source: America]

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