Top Gear US has struck again with their latest installment in the Project Sipster saga, and this one's a doosey. The TG crew is taking an early '80s VW Rabbit diesel apart and replacing the engine and transmission with newer and more powerful units. We're pretty sure that there's plenty more planned for the oil-burner than just an engine swap, so we'll be following closely over the coming weeks.

This new update shows exactly what it takes to drop the engine from a 2003 Jetta TDI and a modified transmission from a 1998 Jetta TDI into the engine bay of a 1981 VW Rabbit. While it may not seem like the kind of thing you'd plan to do over the weekend, it's an interesting project and the goal of 70 mpg and a sub-7-second run to sixty for under $7 grand sounds like good fun. Read all about it here.

[Source: Top Gear US]

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