Ford and Modec are not the only companies targeting America with electric trucks. Electric Vehicles International (EVI) unveiled it's "Road Ready" commercial transport electric vehicle for the U.S. market in Chicago today at the Work Truck Show. EVI lists the two trucks it is offering on its website:

  • eviLightTruck (center), a mid-speed electric vehicle (45-60 miles per hour) that has a customizable battery configuration. It can also be outfitted with a hybrid drive for extended range. This is a Class 3 truck, and the full-electric version that is on display costs between $50,000 to $55,000, with the batteries not included in that price (they are leased).
  • eviRoute 1500 (on the right), a 40-mile range low-speed electric truck.This model sells for $15,000 to $20,000, including the batteries.
  • (not sure what the truck on the left is)

Also, these trucks might quality for federal tax incentives that can range from $7,500 to $15,000. EVI says it has delivered 1,000 vehicles worldwide and says they "guarantee the industry's shortest lead time on all our vehicles" in America.

[Source: EVI]



Demonstration of fully electric commercial vehicle at Work Truck Show shows that fleet owners can make a difference to the environment and their bottom line by going green

Chicago, IL – March 5, 2009 – During the Work Truck Show in Chicago, Illinois, Electric Vehicles International (EVI) unveiled to the US market; the first ever line of 'Road Ready', EV/HEV, class 3-6, commercial vehicles. EVI's promise of freedom from today's ever-volatile fuel prices allows small to mid-sized business owners with the opportunity to reduce their operating costs while helping the environment.

Fleet owners, who are faced with the challenge of maximizing every operational dollar spent due to current economic conditions, now have access to new opportunities including federal tax incentives that range from $7,500 to $15,000 per vehicle. When these incentives are combined with EVI's competitive pricing, business owners may find themselves spending less on an alternative energy vehicle than they would by purchasing its gas-guzzling counterpart. Not only does EVI offer a custom line of class 3-6 commercial electric vehicles, but it also provides fleet owners with the option of converting their existing fleets to EV or HEV.

Can an alternative energy truck cure headaches? By freeing operations and financial managers from the arduous task of budgeting, a crucial daily expense which can fluctuate as much as $0.35 cents/gal in a single day, it can.

By going green, fleet owners can potentially spend less on the initial investment, spend less on daily operations and sleep better at night. It won't be long until old objections begin to fall away as fleet owners begin finding it harder and harder to resist the decision to go green with EVI.

EVI was started in California in 1989 through funding from the state. The company began research and development in the field of alternative energy transportation solutions some two decades ago. EVI is dedicated to making EV/HEV viable now, which has lead to a doubling of their production capabilities and the company's recent expansions into the U.S.

To find out more about EV or HEV vehicles or how to convert your existing fleet, please contact Art Robins at, call at 1-877-435-1999 or visit

EVI The next generation is now!

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