Alabama Slammer: Seized Porsche 911 becomes newest member of Hoover PD

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Hoover P.D. Porsche

In a twist on the great circle of life, a motorist has his Porsche 911 searched during a traffic stop by Hoover, Alabama police, and they find 10 kilos of cocaine in two hidden compartments. The case traipses through the court system for over a year, the bad guy goes away, and the car is handed over to the police department.

The police then take their new 911 to the paint shop, have it dressed in department colors, throw on a wing, light bar, and rear window lights. Voila. A car donated by a criminal now meant to deter – and perhaps catch – other criminals.

Beyond the blue and silver paint job, the car's other decals read "Seized" and "911 Never Forget." The police chief said the car is planned for publicity rounds, to help kids understand what can happen to them if they go for fast money. But if you're an adult, you might want to scratch Hoover off of your "Place to get in a car chase" list...


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