Controversial BMW designer Chris Bangle may be out of the picture, but Bimmer's new 7-Series still bears his hallmarks. That aside, the new F01-generation holds much promise, with the possibility of a seemingly endless succession of performance variants speeding down the autobahn in hot pursuit.
Rumors of an M7 may turn out to be unfounded, although a V12 version looks to be on the way. But not before pseudo-works tuning house Alpina lays their new B7 on us. The high-performance luxury sedan is tipped to bow next month at the Geneva show, but an undisguised prototype has just been spotted on German streets.

Following the teaser sketch released by Alpina back in December, this is the most we've seen of the upcoming bahn-stormer. Visible mods to the standard 7 remain low-key on the Alpina version, but the spy shots show small lip spoilers on the lower fascia and on the trunk lid, rounded out by bigger wheels. But the real treat will come under the hood, where Alpina's performance gurus are thought to have pulled 500 juicy horsepower out of the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8. Thanks to Andrus for the tip!


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