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We got a tip recently about Hy Tric Motors, a company based in Ventura, California that offers electric vehicles and electric retro fit kits. The company seems to focus mostly on low-speed electric vehicles, but the Hy Tric Electro Cycle seen above (UPDATE: actually the XR3, see update after the jump) has a top speed of 125 mph It costs $23,999, but there are virtually no other details available. In fact, the entire website is not set up to provide a whole lot of information about the cars. We can see pictures of the 2009 AFS Hy Tric 4 Seater (the green vehicle in the gallery below) that starts at $10,900 and the 2009 AFS Hy Tric EVCapus, a work truck for $13,900, but not much more about them.

The only car that Hy Tric offers any real details on is the 2009 AFS Hy Tric Electro XRb-series, an EV that costs $9,999 and can go 60-90 miles on a full charge of its lead acid batteries (eight 12V/120AH packs). A 4 kW motor offers a top speed of 37 mph (can be limited to 25 mph to fall into the NEV category). Hy Tric also offers a series of conversion kits ranging from $2,500 (48 volt kit) to $5,000 (144 volts) to add onto your own vehicle.

The site also lists a "2009 AFS Hy Tric LG1 Euro racer Model" that looks an awful lot like (ok, exactly like) the Triac electric car. Not sure what's going on there.

[Source: Hy Tric Motors]

UPDATE: We seem to have been given misleading information by someone pretending to be from Hy Tric motors. After this post ran, we got the following email:

"There are a number of copyright, patent, and other intellectual property infringements and misrepresentations in your recent feature on the so-called "Hy Tric Electro Cycle." This company is infringing on XR3 copyrights, provisional patent rights, and a design patent that has recently been approved for issue to Robert Q. Riley. Robert Q. Riley has no association with the company or person responsible for your feature, and the party has no right to represent themselves as having an association with, or as a source of, the XR3 or XR3 vehicles, or to reproduce images of the vehicle. Additionally, they do not have a model release for the female model, Galiya Hafizova-Riley, who is posing with the XR3. All photos, copyrights, and other intellectual property belong to me, Robert Q. Riley, and I have the proper models release on file. Please remove the article and print a retraction.

To date, I have over $500,000 in development expenses in the XR3 design, and there is an ongoing vehicle and business development effort now underway, including grant applications, intellectual property expendatures, and investor funding which could be jeopardized by the publication of misleading and fraudulent representations contained within your feature.

Robert Q. Riley

PS: The XR3 was correctly referenced your feature -"

Therefore, the trike pictures were removed. I should have thought something was fishy when I noticed the Triac there, I just didn't recognize the XR3. Thanks to all our readers who pointed this out and our apologies to Mr. Riley.

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