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With advertising everywhere, what's a used car dealer to do to get some attention these days? How about converting a Lexus LS400 into a "truck" and putting the dealership's name on the side?

That's exactly what a Birmingham, Ala. car dealer has done. Not content with ALL CAPS newspaper ads or expensive billboards, the owner of Midfield Motor Co. chopped the back off a previously-loved Lexus to form the Lexamino. Unfortunately, anytime the vehicle is referred to as a "truck," quotations must be used. Despite having only two seats and what resembles a bed, there's nothing beneath that long fiberglass cover in back. It's totally sealed and totally worthless as far as hauling things goes.

You gotta admit, though, that's some pretty well-done custom body work there. The gas cap is nicely integrated with the new fender and the transplanted back glass looks like it was put there by Toyota. The whole shape is even a bit reminiscent of our favorite automotive toys from Automoblox.

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[Source: Seen on the Street]

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