Although one base in Germany may not have been satisfied with their GEM experience, that is not keeping the Army from going forward with their previously-announced plan to introduce thousands of electric vehicles to its American garrisons. To kick off the "Army Green, Army Strong" program, delivery has been taken of the first six EVs with 3,994 left to go. The vehicles will be leased over the next three years from different manufacturers and are projected to save 11.5 million gallons of fuel.

According to Paul Bollinger, the deputy assistant secretary of the Army for Energy and Partnerships, the government institution's interest in electric vehicles doesn't end with this program. He says, "This is the first part of showing the industry that we are serious about electric vehicles and that we are going to buy more." We certainly hope so and look forward to to seeing the Army replace all of its 28,000 sedans with more energy efficient vehicles.

[Source: Army Times]

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