The U.S. military, like so many other giant organizations, is making the case for going green. From hybrid tanks to bio-fuel jet fuel, reducing fuel is becoming more and more important. The latest move is towards more electric cars, thousands of little NEVs to use on bases around the world. According to the Army Times, the Army, Navy and Air Force are looking into the battery-powered vehicles, with the first deployment coming to Fort Belvoir in Virginia in the middle of December. Some of the NEVs will come from E-Z-Go, the golf cart maker, which is a subsidiary of defense giant Textron. The military said that the $400 in annual electricity costs was a big improvement over $2,400 in gas costs that the average gas-powered vehicle uses. All told, the 4,000 EVs the military plans to use will save 11.5 million gallons of fuel a year. The new military slogan for the endeavor? "Army Green, Army Strong."

[Source: Army Times]

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