Six months into trialing 3 GEM neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) at the US Army Garrison Grafenwöhr (in Germany) it has been decided that the small utility vehicles just don't have "the right stuff." The decision has nothing to do with the plummeting price of oil or the lack of cool add-ons. Apparently, not only was their range deemed insufficient, but they reportedly suffered from a reliability problem as well. Said Tom Hays, Grafenwöhr's director of public works, "They broke down too often and didn't have enough range". Definitely not characteristics desired in a military working environment.

The Army hasn't given up completely on the idea of electrics and say that improved batteries, and therefore better range, would be a compelling reason to try again. Perhaps they should check out the 70 mile Nemo. Heck, the Ruff and Tuff has that kind of range as well and comes already painted in camouflage! Thanks for the tip, Evan!

[Source: Stars and Stripes]

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