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Following up on this morning's post about questions over AMPLE Motion's $1.34 million in orders claim, we just heard back from AMPLE's Ted Flittner. He wrote in with the following:

Yes, it is as you inferred, the stated $1.34 million is a mix of the extended full maximum retail pricing for the different models that customers have placed pre-orders for. The mix of pre-orders collected is 2 compact trucks @ $75,000, 8 mid-size sedans @ $75,000, and 6 full-size @ $99,000. The net revenue on these vehicles after promotions will total to $623k. When we discuss with investors, we find that they are most interested in the larger financial potential.

Regarding the RAV EV, we are utlizing it to raise awareness to the viability of highway capable plug-ins, in the same way that the RAV EV has been used by many in the US to educate policy makers and the general public here. Our RAV is the first exposure that most in the government, investment community, and general public have had to a real highway capable plug-in car in the Singapore region. There is a good deal of inertia to overcome in getting these projects off the ground, and they usually start with education about what really is possible. And as you know, riding in one of these plug-ins really allows people to overcome past programming that plug-ins are just golf carts. The AMPLE branded RAV allows us to do that now

So, that's the story for now.

[Source: AMPLE]

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