Back at the AltCar Expo in Santa Monica last fall, we came upon the AMPLE booth and a big sign talking about how you can save $45,000 when you pre-order one of their plug-in electric hybrids. AMPLE Motion was saying that you could get a PHEV at some point in the future by paying just $47,999 (for the E600 "Epipany" class sedan) or $29,999 (for the R300 "Robust" compact class truck) now. Of course, these vehicles don't exist just yet, but that isn't stopping AMPLE from making big claims.

Like this one. According to an article in The Straits Times, AMPLE Motion's Lim Kian Wee claims he has, "US$1.34 million in orders, picked up at roadshows in the United States late last year, are for 14 cars and two trucks." Sounds good, but let's dial that back a bit.

On the one hand, you have AMPLE touting how inexpensive their vehicles are and what a great deal you can get when you pre-order. If they have pre-orders for 14 sedans and two trucks, that work out to $731,984 in pre-orders. Where, then, does the $1.34 million come from? Well, if you don't use the amount that people have agreed to pay, but the amount that you told them they won't have to pay, then you can get to the big bucks (my calculations put it at $1,536,000, so I'm not quite sure where $1.34 million comes from). We're all in favor of more players in the plug-in scene - and we have a lot of respect for Andy Frank, one of the people working with AMPLE - but the last thing we need is more hype from a company that doesn't have a single car to its name. In fact, AMPLE is promoting itself using someone else's vehicle (their example vehicle making the rounds in Asia is a repainted Toyota RAV4 EV). We've asked for a statement from AMPLE, and will let you know if they provide one. More details on AMPLE here.

UPDATE: AMPLE's response is available here.

[Source: Asia One]

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