Click above for more shots of the new Th!nk Ox and City

Things continue to look up at Th!nk. Electric Aid is watching the Norwegian press for us, and found an article in that says that Th!nk management is "very optimistic" about the chances that outside new investors - along with current ones and the Norwegian government - will step in and help the electric car company. There are also reports that one of Th!nk's biggest supporters - Stein Erik Hagen, who tried to get investors into a double-or-nothing plan a few weeks ago - is teaming up with the founder of the Renewable Energy Corporation and solar entrepreneur, Alf Bjørseth, on a rescue plan. All this won't make hundreds of City and Ox vehicles roll off the assembly line tomorrow, but it's a step in the right direction. Thanks again to Leif Richard for the tip!

[Source: Electric Aid]

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