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Following up on yesterday's news that the Norwegian government does not seem inclined to help electric vehicle manufacturer Th!nk, AutoblogGreen tipster Leif E. sent us a link to E24 that says that one of Norway's richest people, Stein Erik Hagen, has said he's willing to double his investments in the company if other major investors do the same. From the Google translation of the original article, those other investors are divided on whether or not to join Hagen. Leif also noted that the article is misleading when it says that investors want the Norwegian government to buy into Th!nk. Instead, Th!nk is looking for a loan from a private bank with a government guarantee.

FYI, E24 stands for "economy 24/7" and Leif calls them "the biggest economy news provider for the major newspapers." Thanks again to Leif E. for the tip!

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[Source: E24 (Google English translation)]

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