With the coupe, cabrio, targa and turbo variants of the latest Porsche 911 already out on the road, Zuffenhausen is preparing similar updates for its flyweight road rocket, the GT3 RS. Test mules have been spotted roaming the French alps, which in this season would probably be the last place we'd want to drive a rear-engined, rear-wheel-drive track car. But then we're not zany German engineers, now are we?
We can expect that the latest 911 GT3 RS will receive the same updates as its brethren (including the Turbo's LED light strips up front) and be updated with the retro decal stripe and badge graphic down the quarter panel, plus colored wheels, contrasting wing-mirror housings, a big rear wing and an interior roll cage. A carbon fiber rear wing and hood plus a plastic rear window will help keep the weight down versus the conventional 911 Carrera, which should help the new RS hustle to 60 in a scant four seconds flat.

[Source: Wheels24.co.za via German Car Blog]

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