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Want to prove that ponies like ethanol? Give Oklahoma corn farmer Brent Hajek a call. He helped get a FR500C Ford Mustang running on E85 up to 252.78 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats is Utah back in September. The record-setting drive (well, almost. It still needs to be duplicated to make the books) handily beat the previous record of 246 mph. The Mustang used a 5.4L Ford GT block, heads and various performance parts from Ford Racing, but that sort of support was not a given. NewsOK reports that there was little enthusiasm for the Mustang record attempt until Hajek suggested using the corn-based fuel. Once the biofuel was part of the plan, they [Ford] were hooked."

There's a video of the event -rocking guitar soundtrack and all - after the jump. For more alt-fuel Mustangs, check out these biodiesel and electric versions.

[Source: NewsOK via Domestic Fuel]

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