Max Mosley has been head of the FIA for 15 years. Earlier this year, he pledged that when his term ends next year, he would step down – and that was before the infamous sex scandal. Yet even after the turpitude, Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone – whose Christmas card brought the whole thing up again – noted there was no way that Max would step down, saying, "I've always said that Max will be the president until he dies" because he believes Mosley enjoys confrontation and power.
From the looks of it, Mosley is beginning to prove Ecclestone correct. The FIA president has now said that he will wait until next June to decide whether he will step down or not. That's only three months before his term ends, and unless a challenger decides to campaign while Mosley deliberates, it's unlikely that 90 days would be enough to unseat Lord Mosley. According to Ecclestone, Mosley won the vote of confidence after the sex scandal after bribing representatives from third world countries to back him. Between his power and political skill, it's hard to believe that Max will vacate his post until he decides to do it himself.

[Source: The Guardian]

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