Formula One impresario Bernie Ecclestone's Christmas tradition is to send a mischievous card to friends. The past few years he probably hasn't had to work too hard to come up with something -- in fact, it's probably taken more time to figure out which particular F1 shenanigan he wanted to portray.

This year, Bernie looked no further than one of his best friends, Max Mosley. Max was embroiled in an ugly sex scandal earlier this year, and Ecclestone's card depicts Max meting out the same justice to F1 team bosses that a room full of prostitutes did for him while Bernie stands by with the band-aids. The other interesting things about the card: Toyota's manager is writhing in agony and while the other team bosses appear to be watching the race, Toro Rosso's Gerhard Berger is watching... legs.

[Source: F1 Fanatic]

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