FIA chief Max Mosley embroiled in S&M sex scandal

The world of motorsports was shocked by a report of a video tape which surfaced, allegedly showing FIA president Max Mosley participating in a bizarre sadomasochistic orgy. The reports emanate from British tabloid News of the World, but have been spreading rapidly across mainstream media and the motoring press.

The video reportedly depicts Mosley engaging the services of five prostitutes in London to stage a perverse reenactment of a Nazi concentration camp in which Mosley plays both victim and oppressor, alternately receiving lashes from a dominatrix and barking orders in German to the prostitutes dressed in pseudo-Auschwitz uniforms. The son of infamous wartime British fascist leader Oswald Mosley, who married Max's mother Diana in the presence of Adolf Hitler at a ceremony in the home of Nazi arch-propagandist Joseph Goebbels, Mosley had tried to help resuscitate his father's fascist political career before leaving politics for the world of motor racing. Meanwhile Mosley's closest allies include former Ferrari chief Jean Todt (the son of a Holocaust survivor) and Jewish business mogul Bernie Ecclestone, who has publicly come to Mosley's defense. Mosley is reportedly considering pursuing legal action against News of the World, while sources suggest the World Council of the FIA may be preparing a vote of no confidence in Mosley's leadership. In the meantime it's business as usual for Mosley, who is heading to Bahrain to preside over the grand prix there next weekend. (Thanks to David who brought this story to our attention.)

[Source: News of the World and The Times of London]

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