The cheap price of gas may be hurting the sales of some electric vehicles (EVs) in America, but the same can not be said for Norway where gas is only down to $5.18 a gallon. Electric car sales have doubled in the past year, hitting an all-time high in November. As if to punctuate that feat, the opening days of December have seen Norwegian electric company Hafslund take delivery of 10 copies of the Kewet Buddy, bringing that car maker's numbers up to 190 for 2008.

After some false starts the Th!nk City is finally rolling out of the factory doors, contributing greatly to the sales rise. Although they have only moved 111 units so far this year, that number is expected to greatly increase in December. Indeed, the demand should soon outstrip supply as the factory only has the logistics in place currently to build 10 a day. The Oslo dealership sold 19 of the lithium-powered cars last Tuesday alone. Hit the jump for video of a bunch of Buddies boogieing about the town. Thanks to Sindre for the Norwegian help!

[Source: e24 / Hegnar Online]

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