Not that long ago, electric vehicle (EV) sales and prospects were up, up, up. Now, though, things are not so hot. The latest bit of bad news can be found in DailyTech, which details a drop in American EV sales across the board. Dealerships clammed up when DailyTech called, and when DT did get an answer, they found a dealer that sold two EVs in three months and another that sells one or two a month. Not exactly inspiring numbers, but not exactly surprising, either. It's hard enough to get people to buy "normal" vehicles these days; asking them to make the jump to a technology they're unfamiliar with - and to companies they have probably never heard of if they're not AutoblogGreen regulars - is apparently too much to expect. Throw in the cliff dive of gas prices since the summer and you've got an easy-to-understand reason for the drop. Have you got a solution?

[Source: DailyTech]

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