Photo by Tiseb. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

Nissan and Renault are slowly and surely moving from dark horse contenders to real players in the electric vehicle space. The partnership's latest target is Portugal, which will see pure EVs from Nissan-Renault in 2011, according to the International Herald Tribune. Nissan will sell an EV in Portugal for €25,000 that year, the paper says, which would mean the cost would be on par with a 1.6 liter ICE car today. Impressive, most impressive.

For its part, the Portuguese government will help with the infrastructure end of things, particularly a bunch of quick-charging stations that can fill up a battery in 20 minutes or less in the big cities of Lisbon and Porto as well as along some motorways. Some EV advocates are suggesting that Portugal should not tax the zero-emission cars in order to encourage people to move towards electron-powered private transportation.

[Source: International Herald Tribune via EV World]

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