OK, I admit that the term "nationwide" in the headline is a bit grandiose-sounding. After all, the Principality of Monaco is a really small country (just 1.95 km² or 0.76 sq mi). This is like the Vatican being "the first country to fully offset CO2 emissions."

In any case, it seems that Monegasques are going to have plenty of charging stations to plug in their Teslas, or I should say Renault-Nissans, because the Franco-Japanese alliance has signed yet another agreement to create the EV-supporting infrastructure. Monaco already had a few charging stations since the '90s, but this agreement's target is to attract residents and companies to participate in the Alliance's zero emission mobility program by purchasing and utilizing EVs. And not only that: Monaco wants to be the place to celebrate EV marketing activities.

[Source: Renault]

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