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We've spent plenty of time going over the design of the new MINI E electric car since it was formally unveiled at the LA Auto Show. We've been inside, underneath and even behind the steering wheel a few times, and we can therefore say with authority that the car works as advertised. There are a few niggles, especially the loss of the back seat, reduced cargo area and some rather aggressive regenerative brakes, but all in all it's a solid first effort. That's exactly how BMW seems to view its first EV, with the goal of further refining the same basic system for use in other future models, including for electric versions of its 5 Series and range-topping 7 Series sedans.

Because the 5 and 7 are much larger cars, there is more room to hide the lithium ion battery pack away and the added weight won't be nearly as noticeable. After the size of the EV components are further reduced, the 3 Series is likely to get an EV option as well. Besides four-door passenger cars, BMW is likely to use some variation of the MINI E's electric drivetrain in its upcoming city car. Sounds like the future is, ahem... electric at BMW.

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[Source: Auto Express]

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