Toyota has announced updated pricing information for the 2009 Tundra full-size truck, along with a few new options that weren't available before. Chief among these new features is flex-fuel capability on the largest, most powerful 5.7L engine option. Toyota has been planning on adding this capability since the new Tundra was introduced, which makes sense considering that all of its major competitors offer the ability to run on ethanol mixtures higher than 10 percent. The Japanese automaker will specifically be focusing in on the Midwestern states where E85 is more common, and will in fact be made standard on four-wheel drive models in certain areas. There will be no price increase on models equipped with the ethanol capability, which is good since the 2009 Tundra can top out at well over $40K. Prices have risen only modestly across the line - just an average of four percent, or $109 per truck for the new year.

[Source: Carscoop]

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