It may only be used in America for certain fleets and forklifts, but in some markets compressed natural gas (CNG) is a practical and greener alternative to liquid carbon fuels. The Thai division of Tata believes it's a good fit and is proudly launching the CNG version of the Tata Xenon Super at this year's upcoming Bangkok International Motor Expo. Although the company launched the diesel version earlier this year, they expect that the CNG variant will do well because of government guarantees that makes the cost of CNG half that of diesel.

Tata Motors is proud to point out that this is the first purpose-built pickup with a factory-installed CNG system which will not only give buyers more confidence in its dependability, but also provide more storage space. The gas is stored under the bed instead of in it as is often the case with aftermarket conversions, a point that is hilariously highlighted in the commercial for the truck (posted after the break). Although we don't speak Thai, we're pretty sure it translates something like this; "That's no CNG truck, it gots no tanks!, Check out my ride, them be dub tanks! He gots no tanks!" "No tanks!" "No tanks!" Thanks to Shrawan for the tip!

[Source: Indian Autos Blog]

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