The last time The Truth About Cars got its hands on an all-electric alternative vehicle, it was less than impressed. Now, the site's latest tester is the Miles ZX40S. Will this more practical alternative to the gasoline engine win some favor from TTAC? No, not really. The actual test model procured by the internet rag was an older model from 2007 that didn't have the latest AC motor or regenerative braking. As a low-speed vehicle, the Miles machine managed an artificial top-speed of 28 miles per hour, though the actual law states it not supposed to go past 25. In any case, TTAC says it was pretty slow in getting there and rattly along the way. Other demerits include a key that didn't fit well in the ignition and a wonky seatbelt. The price? A buck under $15K.

To be fair, it's easy to understand why someone would expect more for the $15K asking price. Still, we don't feel nearly as dumbfounded as TTAC as to why the cars are selling. For a small percentage of buyers, a four-door, steel-bodied electric vehicle that's capped at a relatively low speed is just what they need. Sure, that price could score a reasonable used car that's just a few years old or even a few brand-new models. But all of them would emit pollution when driven and all would require regular fill-ups, two big reasons why the ZX40S deserves a real place in the U.S. auto market.

We should also mention that Miles has upgraded its NEV since this particular test car was built. The company is also working on a highway-speed electric vehicle, known as the XS500, which is expected to go on sale for 2010.

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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