Bill Ford, great-grandson of Henry Ford himself, is reportedly hedging his bets on green technology for the automaker that bears his name. Ford has spoken directly with President-elect Barack Obama about energy, especially as it relates to the automotive industry, and the Blue Oval exec likes what he hears from our next President. According to Mr. Ford, he's shared his plans for his company's future with Obama and has plans to continue to do so. One big issue Bill Ford sees with future automotive tech lies with batteries, but not the actual technology that goes into making a good pack. The problem is that nearly all of the world's batteries come from Asian countries, and if our cars go electric, the US could be exchanging one foreign dependence with another. According to Ford, "It's all about fuel economy and energy independence," he said. "I passionately believe that Ford can and should be part of that solution." Bailed out or not, Ford plans to improve the fuel efficiency of its cars, definitely a good thing to hear.

[Source: The New York Times]

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