Click above for a hi-res gallery of the Amosu Luxury diamond Bentley key

As if losing the car keys weren't already enough of a nightmare scenario – the keys to your Bentley that much more so – along come the innovative jewelers at Amosu Luxury to make the key itself that much more precious. The company has staked its reputation among the nouveau riche for taking things like cell phones and icing them out in diamonds. Now Amosu has turned its attention to another item commonly found in the hands of the luxo-bling crowd – a Bentley key – and decorated it with 101 little diamonds (no more, no less) for a total of 1.09 carats, focused on detailing the Flying B logo.

Icing out your Bentley keychain will set you back nearly $8,000, so you may want to get a special leather case for it or keep it in your Bentley safe. But if "the world's fastest lorries" aren't your bag, Amosu can do the same for Lamborghini, Ferrari and Mercedes keys as well, which'll go nicely with that platinum Mercedes-Benz keychain. Thanks for the tip, Christian!

[Source: Motor Authority via 4WheelNews]

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