Automakers are always coming up with new branding and merchandising efforts in an attempt to separate the rich from their money, but here's one that's actually trying to help them keep it secure. Stockinger, the same safe manufacturer to which sister company Bugatti turned for their bespoke vault, has crafted a new line of safes exclusively for Bentley.

The irony could hardly be lost on anyone: Bentleys are built like vaults, and here's a vault built like a Bentley. Two vaults, actually: the Arnage safe is designed to keep watches, complete with little winding mechanisms to keep those special edition Breitlings working. The Continental safe, meanwhile, is crafted to store jewelery and would probably make the ideal location to keep that $20,000 Ego laptop. The attention to detail on the vaults is staggering: the painting process, for example, takes 18 hours, while the Bentley door handle takes 16 hours to mill from a solid piece of brass. Only 400 will be made in total, and each buyer can specify any exterior color from the Bentley catalog, a choice of ten different suedes for the interior and three different wood veneer panels.

There's plenty more information about the Stockinger for Bentley safes in the press release after the jump, and a small fortune's worth of images in the vault gallery below.

[Source: Stockinger]




Dedicated to design, engineering and craftsmanship. Created in honour of the Bentley vision. The new edition
"Stockinger for Bentley" exhibits sleek luxury in design and polished perfection in technology. Like the
famous namesake, it combines secure technology with designer looks. As a Bentley is unmistakable, so too is a
Stockinger safe. Hallmarks of luxury such as the leather linings and the brushed aluminium interior finish
unite with the seven layer lacquer and design elements typical of Bentley interiors to create its exciting
beauty. The "Stockinger for Bentley" will be limited to 400 safes for the two models, the "Arnage" and the


Every single Stockinger safe is a unique and bespoke masterpiece. The surface of each piece is carefully and
conscientiously primed, painted and sanded off during an 18-stage process of manufacture. This process
takes several weeks and is completed with a finish of the finest carnauba wax, which produces a softer look
and lends an unusual optical depth to the paint. The safe is available in all standard Bentley exterior colours,
10 Stockinger interior suedes and 3 wood veneer panels. This gives the customers an almost infinite number
of combinations for commissioning just the look they desire.
The Bentley handle itself weighs 3.5 kilograms and has been milled in a 16-hour process from a single block of
brass. In four more refining steps, the grip has been sanded, polished, chromed and lacquered to provide the
jewel-like finish. Complete with the Bentley "B" at the centre of the handle, the "Stockinger for Bentley"
provides the ideal, secure environment for your valuables.


For devotees of fine mechanisms, the "Arnage" is an elaborate watch safe equipped with state-of-the-art
watch winders for exceptional timepieces. For more than 20 years we have been integrating watch winder
technology into safes. Watch collectors all over the world use our reliable devices. The watch winders run
almost noiselessly, an extremely long, disturbance and maintenance free life is guaranteed. The design
captures traditional craftsmanship qualities and techniques and reveals design cues we are passionate
about. The choice of materials demonstrates the high quality and finishing evident in every Stockinger safe.


The finish on the drawers and on the safe door is identical to the Bentley dashboard texture, known as engine
turning. Engine turning is a labour-intensive process associated with high quality luxury items and is
traditionally found on the racing cockpit interior of one of Bentley's earliest cars, the Bentley Blower. For the
first time, the engine turning technique has been applied to the interior of a safe. The "Continental" with its 6
different trays, provides the ultimate storage solution for jewellery. Whether it be large or small rings,
brooches, earrings, wide or narrow necklaces, chokers, cufflinks and bangles, customers will be able to
present their jewellery at home in the style they are accustomed to.
Around 30 different teams of experts, from engineers and technicians to craftsmen and artists, are involved
in the manufacture of a Stockinger safe.


Stockinger Safety First Class GmbH has been producing unique safes and security systems in Neuried near
Munich for 30 years. Stockinger understands that good design is as important as best practice from a safetyrelated
and technical point of view. Thus research, technical development, construction and design are
equal components in the fabrication of each safe.

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