As most Americans are aware, we are in the midst of several crises. Luckily, this country has people with, not only ideas, but also some clout to help see their ideas come to fruition. One of those people is inventor of the internet 43rd President political punching bag Al Gore and this past Saturday he had an editorial outlining his 5 point plan to solve the economic, energy and global warming crises in ten years published in the New York Times under the title of "The Climate for Change".
According to Mr. Gore, the same things that are needed to tackle global warming will also solve our current economic and long-standing energy-security problem. He challenged America to look past the carbon-intensive 19th century technologies in use today and towards the renewable energy sources of solar, wind and geothermal that could be the basis of, not only our 21st century security and survival, but also our economic success. He also calls for a $400 billion investment in a "smart grid" to help handle bringing this future power to population centers and allow plug-in hybrids and electric cars to charge and share their energy when it is beneficial. Of course those cars should be built with American labor and so Gore calls for helping the "Big Three" and "innovative new startup companies" to begin the process of converting our fleet to vehicles that can use electricity as their source of energy. We can only hope that if this ambitious blueprint is implemented in whole or in part, it happens soon enough to pull Detroit's fat from the fire and spur future competitiveness from companies like the Teslas and Apteras of today.

[Source: New York Times]

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