Mitsubishi is planning on selling its all-electric i MiEV city car in Japan next summer, with countries like England and New Zealand in line to get them shortly thereafter (There ought to be a few in California as we speak). These territories not only have small cars on their streets but small vans as well and so with an eye to getting the jump on the emmission-free small-commercial-vehicle market, the company has announced an i MiEV van variant. Probably simpler to put together than their i MiEV police cars, the inside has been redesigned to handle cargo and might help the company land juicy Japanese postal vehicle contracts.

Mitsubishi President Osamu Masuko said (through an interpreter), "There's a global need for commercial vehicles for small shops and delivering mail or packages." Of course, small fleet vans are ideal for dense urban areas where the daily distances traveled are modest and the vehicles can return to a company home base to recharge. The mini-i MiEV van should launch next year and although they should have plenty of batteries eventually, they will have to keep their production somewhat limited at first.

[Source: Automotive News (sub req'd)]

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