Owners of gasoline-powered vehicles couldn't possibly fill their tanks with diesel, well... unless they tried really hard, since the nozzle is larger on most diesel pumps. The problem is that the smaller nozzles from gasoline pumps fit just fine with plenty of room to spare in the filler necks of diesel cars and trucks. There have been gadgets created that are meant to keep petrol from being pumped into diesel fuel tanks, but it still happens on a regular basis every day. Even on police cars, apparently. In fact, Essex Police in the UK have reportedly filled their tanks with gasoline as opposed to diesel some 222 times over the last five years. As you would expect, this has dire consequences, as it can ruin the fuel pump, injectors or worse. The total repair bill for the Essex Police has come to £42,000. To help put an end to the problem, the Police have fitted their diesel vehicles with talking devices that clearly state, "This is a diesel vehicle," when the fuel cap is removed. That ought to help, we hope.

[Source: Autocar]

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