One aspect of the possible GM/Chrysler merger often overlooked is that Daimler didn't completely divest itself of its Chrysler ownership back in early 2007, and the German automaker's 19.9% stake could get in the way of any deal. Daimler has been clear that it is disinterested in becoming part of some Detroit super conglomerate, and Automotive News is reporting that Cerberus is close to a deal to buy up the remaining 19.9% stake. Also part of the rumor mill is possible involvement with Renault/Nissan, which has been actively working with Chrysler on collaboration projects in the past year.
According to CNBC, the merger of GM and Chrysler could be complete within the next two weeks, but with neither of the two parties talking, it's all speculation at this point. Recent reports from the Wall St. Journal and CNN say that talks are rapidly accelerating, so there could be more to Chrysler/GM talks than we'd originally thought. Then again, the Internets have been wrong before.

[Source: Automotive News subs req'd]

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